Charlotte Perriand and the Arc Station

From December 5, 2020
stand 87 alley 6 at Paul Bert

For this 3rd installment on Charlotte Perriand and the arcs resort, Maison Verrsen presents a new selection of rare furniture from the residences "la Cascade", "Adrets", Belles Challes ...

We are in 1967, the promoter Roger Godino and the guide Robert Blanc are working on the project with the members of the Atelier d'Architecture en Montagne (AAM), Guy Rey Millet and Gaston Regairaz. The latter will introduce Charlotte Perriand to Godino to lead this colossal project.

Charlotte Perriand will give 22 years of her life to the Savoie resort, located at the foot of the Aiguille Rouge where the first residences will be born at a place called "Pierre Blanche" at an altitude of 1600 meters.

Emilie and Anthony present us this year, a new triptych of red, blue and black "pharmacy" cabinets, also a large wooden slat bench resting on metal studs rarely presented from the "cascade" residence built in 1969.

A round table unique in size with the first cross base made by Charlotte Perriand, for a restaurant with an arch 1600.

To this exhibition is added a selection of unpublished photographs of the Japanese House, taken by Charlotte Perriand at the household arts fair in 1957 at the Grand Palais.

Photographs by Gaston Karquel, private archives.

Charlotte Perriand will take more than two years to set up this project with her Japanese friends and colleagues: the architect Ren Suzuki in charge of the plans for the house, Junzô Sakakura and Sôri Yanagi for the selection of objects and lights. Perriand directs and directs with the support of Elle newspaper, the Japanese embassy and the French national education ministry.

All photographic prints are limited, numbered with the stamp of the drawer and the owner of the archives associated with Maison Verrsen.


See you on December 5, stand 87 alley 6 at Paul Bert!




stand 87 alley 6 Paul Bert