Exhibition Louis Durot, Guillaume Piéchaud and Francis Fantôme

Francis Fantôme
Francis Fantôme
From 19 to 23 September 2019
Charles Mattern booths 402-404 et 416 alley 7 Paul Bert

Several works by artists Louis Durot, Guillaume Piéchaud and Francis Fantôme will be exhibited.

Louis Durot made his first sculptures in 1968 to move towards minimalist and more design pieces in the 1980s. Recognized for his expertise on polyurethane, he is now also a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Canton.


Guillaume Piéchaud graduates from Ecole Boulle with a formation in precious metal engraving. First creator of jewelery for prestigious French houses, he has been designing aerial sculptures sublimated by semi-precious stones for the last twenty years, mainly in the form of stainless steel and weathered steel furniture.


Lighting designer for live shows since 1982, Francis Fantôme creates lamps from brownfields materials. He started sculpting in 1995 and discovered a hot modeling technique with tin and copper alloy. He now creates refined lamps, in human forms.