MAURITANIA, an adventure of Charlotte Perriand 1961-1962 »

From April 7 to May 15, 2023
Galerie Pradier-Jeauneau stands 93 & 95 alley 6 Paul Bert

Faithful to their desire to represent those who shaped the era, Aurelien Jeauneau and Jérémy Pradier defend Charlotte Perriand today. Perriand the adventurer Who can deny the importance of travel in Charlotte Perriand's work? In Japan or on the African continent, it has never been so free to apply its principles of layout and design. For the new town of Cansado in Mauritania, as an epitome of her work, the designer mobilizes her research undertaken in Japan or for the Cité Universitaire d'Antony. Thus, it offers robust and minimal furniture. If the tables, benches and storage are his responsibility, that of Jean-Louis Bonnant the seats. The movement dominates Here, movement predominates: the openwork seats are as if drawn in space, whose cast shadows move the volumes according to the light. Light is played in rebound, by the doors of the black and white furniture and in the openwork between the slats of the benches and the spokes of the chairs. The colorful harmonies that are thought out by type of housing are as many rhythms that come to carry the research. The scientific interest and sensitive to the climate and the environment, the perfect knowledge of the materials and their resistances allow Charlotte Perriand to undertake here a global project, a putting into practice of an "Art of living". The Mon Oncle chair and the Mauritania armchair Rare are the pieces that have a double story. The Pradier-Jeauneau gallery has exhibited Jean-Louis Bonnant's seats since its inception and has made his chair its signature model. Iconic, the rooms are part of the decor of the Villa Arpel in the film Mon Oncle by Jacques Tati. They also belong to Cansado equipment. Jérémy Pradier and Aurélien Jeauneau dreamed of bringing together all the pieces in an exhibition with those of Perriand. It's done in 2023!


<p>Stands 93, 95 and 232 aisle 6 Paul Bert</p>