Mithé Espelt, the discreet luxury of everyday life x Antoine Candau

From September 26 to November 26, 2020
Booth 128 alley 1 Paul Bert

Antoine Candau will sign the monograph "Mithé Espelt - the discreet luxury of everyday life" at Odyssées editions: Opening of the exhibition and signature of the book on September 26, 2020


On the occasion of the book's release, Antoine Candau unveils part of the large collection of works by Mithé Espelt that he has built up for almost twenty years. Like a bouquet of flowers or a fireworks display, it will explode the delicacy of the colors invented by the artist and stream pure gold on the walls of the gallery. The selection of pieces will highlight the different themes used by the artist during his career: radiant patterns and sun, the language of birds, flower power, random shapes ... A certain number of extremely rare pieces, because little or not edited, will be presented. The unique opportunity to see the artist's first mirrors and boxes, as well as jewelry dating from 1948.


"Paul Bert Serpette is the place of novelty, of discovery (...) To write this book, I had to look for models and build up over the years an important collection of works by Mithé Espelt. Paul Bert Serpette, generally curious and driven by a real spirit of discovery, regularly helped me in this treasure hunt.They were often the only ones in the market in general - in advance as very often - to keep an objective eye on These objects. A number of them have some in their inventories. I have therefore chosen to present, for the most part, works purchased from PBS and works from the collections of PBS dealers. An extremely interesting set of mirrors, boxes and jewelry containing very rare items. "


Stand 128 alley 1 Paul Bert