Starck 80

From September 19 to November 26, 2020
Stand 234 alley 6 Paul Bert

Founded five years ago by Valérie and Antoine, Remix Gallery is a pioneer in the field of French design of the 80s and has built up a stock and a collection as important as rare of more edited pieces ...


Children of the 80s, they defend the work of one of the biggest names in French design of this period: Philippe Starck. A genius creator, visionary and revolutionary, he not only questions forms but also production and commercial models. The result of this raw and uninhibited energy is splendidly effective and its objects have for the most part become cult.

Inescapable designer of the 80s, he represented, in the effervescence of the trendy society of the moment, the revival that she expected in terms of design. Initiator of a new style during this decade where the aesthetics of objects surprised by its inventiveness and radicality, an entire urban class offered itself an easily identifiable design label.


From September 19, 2020, Remix Gallery offers a new installation highlighting, in an entirely yellow decor, the minimalist black production of the beginnings of this iconic designer.


Stand 234 alley 6 Paul Bert