The Galerie Vauclair invites the Atelier du Mur

From Thursday 06 October
Galerie Vauclair booth 79 alley 6 Paul Bert

Two universes that meet

Attached to arts and crafts and creation, Denis Rouquette and Laurence Vauclair are bubbling with projects. They love encounters, the richness they bring. For them, each collaboration is an adventure.

Solène Eloy, founder and artistic director of the Atelier du Mur had long wanted to create decorations echoing the colorful and very rich universe of the Galerie Vauclair, an essential reference for the Winter Garden at the end of the 19th century.

Wallpapers, a new line of development for Atelier du Mur, appeared as an obvious way to allow the two worlds to meet and dialogue.

Carte blanche: The wallpapers of the Atelier du Mur invite themselves to Galerie Vauclair.

Solène Eloy immersed herself in the atmosphere of the space occupied by the Galerie Vauclair at the Puces de Saint Ouen and the objects steeped in history skillfully staged by Denis Rouquette to adapt two wallpapers "Leafy" and "Remous" by the “Singular Landscapes” collection and present “Constellation” from the “Les Dorés” collection.

A nod to old fabrics, Solène Eloy presents the vibrant “Remous” decor in green and black. “Leafy” is adorned with copper colors on a black background, thus echoing the vegetal universe dear to the Galerie Vauclair but also the lacquers present in certain pieces of furniture on display. A Japanese influence that can be found in the third decor presented: “Constellation” from the “Les Dorés” Collection, wallpaper printed on a gilded background using artisanal gold-tone copper leaf.


Galerie Vauclair booth 79 alley 6 Paul Bert