LINK SIDE TABLE- ©Anasthasia Millot- bronze

Anasthasia Millot et Redoutey
Guéridon Link_Link side Table_©Anasthasia-Millot
Guéridon Link_Link side Table_©Anasthasia-Millot



© Anasthasia Millot, 2020

Bronze, Bronze patiné

18.51"L x 16.54"W x 19.69"H  ( L 47 x l 42 x h 50 cm )


IN STOCK at Serpette Market

Our creations are made in France by the Fodor Foundry, awarded the EPV label (Living Heritage Compagnies). To suit all your requirements all items can be custumized on quote. They are available in differents finishes (polished or semi-polished bronze  / patinas : variation of black, brown and green).

+33 ( 0) 3 84 91 50 26

Condition New
Width 42 cm
Length 47 cm
Height50 cm
Price upon request

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Anasthasia Millot et Redoutey
Anasthasia Millot et Didier Redoutey
Marché Serpette
Allée 5 Stand 23
 +33(0)6 08 94 95 84
 +33 3 84 91 50 26

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