1950s Italian Floor Lamp with Three Lighted Arms by Arredoluce

1650 €


CategoryStandard lamps
Period20th century
StyleDesign 50-60
Note: The dimensions are those of the work alone
Width 2 ft 5.1 in
Height5 ft 6.9 in
Depth 2 ft 5.1 in
Condition Perfect condition, electricity redone to EU standards, E12 sockets

Floor lamp made of metal, brass and cast iron, composed of a colored enameled cast iron base, representing a painter's palette, on which is a black lacquered metal trunk.
On which are arranged three ball mounted brass arms of light that can be arranged at your convenience.
Each arm has a colored conical lampshade (red, yellow, blue) in perforated metal.
A switch is set on the base.
This floor has been restored and electrified to EU standards.
The base and lampshades have been cleaned and show minimal signs of wear due to patina time.
This floor lamp model refers to the painter's palette with its three primary colors.
1950s Italian Work of Arredoluce.
Very good original condition.

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