1970 'Wall Lamp Butterfly Duval Brasseur Or Isabelle Faure With Agate Wings 30 XH 37 CM

ABC Pascal
Isabelle Faure Duval Brasseur
Isabelle Faure Duval Brasseur


CategoryWall lights
Period20th century
Style60s, 70s
Width 11.8 in
Height1 ft 2.6 in
Depth 6.7 in
Condition Good condition
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Antiques dealer

ABC Pascal
Pascal Weitz
Marché Paul Bert, Stands 11 et 14 allée 2, stand 9 allée 3 Serpette - stands 63 et 140 allée 1 Paul Bert
+33(0)6 60 64 77 09

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