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Budapest 1912 - Paris 1970

Hungarian artist born in Budapest in 1912 - Paris 1970

Arriving in Paris in 1948, his work was first steeped in Fauvism and Expressionism until 1954, then moving on to Non-figuration, abstract imaginary Naturalism and finally Subconsciousism.

He was represented by gallery owner Simone Heller.

He mounted a first exhibition in Budapest in 1947 and then exhibited his drawings on various occasions in Parisian galleries.

He showed his works from this final period in two personal exhibitions in Paris in 1960 and 1963.

For two years upon his arrival in Paris he devoted himself to black and white.

Returning to painting, he then shows very accomplished compositions painted in a range as Mediterranean and revealing the perfect knowledge of Matisse, Rouault or Chagall but redesigned for his own use and according to his own sensitivity, in 1966 he evolves to abstraction based on on a colorful sensitivity that developed in contact with nature during frequent stays in the Balearic Islands.

Museums: Budapest - Luxembourg.

Public sale: New York 11/15/1990 abstract composition 1963 33 x 47.5cm $3,575

Bibliography: Henry Galy-Carles, "Paul Szasz, essay on structural analysis, Men without shoulders", Librairie Galerie Racine, 2008.

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