Rice Paper Wall Sculpture By Jiang Ma



Mixed media work by Jiang Mafu After several years of artistic training in the Netherlands and Belgium, in Brussels and Antwerp, where he stayed for five years, Mafu emigrated to Canada in 1997, where he now lives and works in the graphics industry. The work brings together the Chinese philosophy of the two Tai ji ials Ying and Yang. Paper is his support, he creates with paper, so-called Xuan paper, made both from rice and the bark of certain trees. The work was created without using other media such as brushes and paint by gluing several layers of rice paper together. This piece is made of paper mounted on canvas. The application of elements is both intentional and incidental, it is an interactive relationship between creating and destroying (Ying and Yang). Mafu was born in Nanjing on January 1, 1963. Signed and dated lower right.

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