Important Neo-Gothic chair and Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia

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Period19th century

Important chair in gilded carved wood, decorated with Gothic windows (modern trim), Parisian workshop, around 1820


and Diamond Chair by Harry Bertoia, Knoll edition, 2000




A few words about the Neo-Gothic Chair

This chair is an early illustration of the so-called "cathedral", troubadour or neo-Gothic style which enjoyed great favor from the Charles X era (reign from 1824 to 1830) until the end of the Napoleon III era ( 1850-1870).

The breadth of the forms and the liveliness of the sculpture still relate it to the manufacturing techniques of the Empire. We can also compare this model to a pair of chairs from the "Gothic cabinet" that the Countess of Osmond had commissioned by Jacob-Desmalter, for the ground floor of her mansion, rue Basse-du -Rempart, in the Chaussée d'Antin district.

Jacob-Desmalter (François-Honoré-Georges Jacob, known as Jacob-Desmalter, 1770-1841), the main supplier of the Imperial Furniture Guard, was one of the first to incorporate the decorative repertoire from the Gothic art, under the Restoration.

This chair can also be compared to very original achievements of the carpenter Pierre-Gaston Brion (1767-1855), in particular the set executed to furnish the pavilion built for the Duke of Bourbon, around 1820-1825, at the edge of the Commelles ponds ( Oise) and today kept at the Château de Chantilly.

The Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris keeps a very close copy but of reduced dimensions and in natural wood.

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