Citterio, Antonio

Born in 1950 in Meda, not far from Milan, this city was the mecca of furniture manufacturers who gave Italian design a worldwide reputation. He started very early in the workshop of his father carpenter and carpenter. At the age of 18, even before he obtained his architectural degree at the Polytechnic School of Milan, Citterio designed a sofa that would find a publisher, how? Thanks to the sobriety of the forms of which he is the master and which enchants all the interiors.

At age 20 he moved to his own studio, joined by Paolo Nava until 1981. He worked for major publishers such as B + B, Italia and Flexform, Tisettanta, Artemide ...

In Milan, he met Aldo Cibic, Matteo Thun, Ettore Sottsass and Michele de Lucchi, which led to the interior design of the Esprit stores, exhibition halls and offices, not only in Milan but also in Amsterdam or Antwerp.

In 1987 he receives the compass of gold, for a sofa. Antonio Citterio is free and his style difficult to classify in an era or a style.

Today he lives in Milan with his wife who is also his partner, the Californian architect Terry Dwan. Antonio Citterio is also an architect and realized in particular a shopping center in Seregno, a building in Japan ... strong of his learning and his experience, Citterio is a global designer, able to mark the history of design.