Dominique (Maison)

La Maison Dominique was born in 1922 from the combination of two decorators, André Domin and Marcel Juniper, who will create Maison Dominique. Influenced by Cubism, their creations are made of straight and massive lines without lack of elegance.

In theses years, two fairs are very importants, the "Salon d'Automne" and the "Salon des artistes Decorateurs", Maison Dominique will participate in both from 1922. They are at the forefront of forms, prisms, forms. Geometrical forms are in.

For the famous 1925 exhibition landmark in the history of Art Decoratives, Maison Dominique is entrusted of the furnishing of the small living room of the private apartments of a French embassy. Their talent has been recognized for some years and continues to be a reference.

This led the Maison Dominique to collaborate with the greatest of the time. In 1926, J. Puiforcat, P. Chareau, P. Legrain and the jeweler R. Templier form the " Groupe des cinq " and multiply prestigious orders.

At the moment some of their creations forsakes hard forms for elegance from beautiful curves and well choosen decors.

The firm will continue until 1970, André Domin'son, Alain Domin taking the direction producing classical spirit seats and furniture in steel, still furnishing lounges and boats.