Fischer, Wayne

Originally from Milwaukee, Wayne Fischer studied art, physics and astronomy.

In 1986, he moved to the south of France and directed his creation to porcelain sculpture. He perfected his technique in the late 1970s and remained faithful to it. It adds fiber to a porcelain paste to accentuate its hold. The dyes are airbrushed then covered with transparent enamel. The whole is then colored in the manner of a painter. After baking at 1250 °, each piece is sandblasted to remove the shine of enamel and keep an "optical illusion of depth".

His sculptures are powerful and sensual, almost "caressable" while being out of traditional beauty canons. Through his work, Wayne Fischer is looking for pure universal beauty with curvaceous and tensiony pieces. Sensuality and femininity are exalted. The surface of the ceramic is cracked but smooth as the skin, thus reflecting the light.

Wayne Fischer innovates, outside contemporary trends, without referring to the history of 20th century sculpture. His style is his own and shows that ceramics can give birth to works of art and give birth to an emotion, a thought.