Fontana Arte

Fontana Arte was created in Italy in the 19th century. Originally a construction glass company, this Italian factory became in 1932 an important part of Italian Design. It specialized in series production of specific items like the Bilia lamp, or the Tavolino pedestal table in 1932. Fontana Arte started producing mostly lighting, keeping up by working with great designers like Pietro Chiesa, who created the” Luminator” lamp in 1933. In the mid 1950s, the famous French glass designer Max Ingrand took over the company and started mass producing. Max Ingrand created genuine design classic pieces. The table lamp Fontana, for instance, is still a best-seller of the firm whose name it bears. Starting in 1972, the famous Uovo lamp was introduced on the market and is still produced today. Great names from the design industry work for Fontana Arte, like Gae Aulenti or Piero Castiglioni. Nowadays this famous company offers a wide choice of new products, besides its past successes.