Faïence de Choisy-le-Roi

The earthenware factory of Choisy-le-Roi was created in 1805 by Valentin, Melchior and Nicolas Paillart on 10 acres of the old Royal Domain. In 1808 it focused on fine earthenware production with printed décor. Until 1824, the manufacture was run by the Paillart brothers. From 1824 to 1836, Valentin Paillart alone ran the business. He teamed up with Hyppolite Hautin who took over the factory in 1836 and partnered with Louis Boulenger (1773-1850). The company fell into the control of the Boulenger family when Adolphe Boulenger (1805-1873) married Alexandrine Hautin(1814-1900). In 1863 the name of the company changed to H. Boulenger & Co. Hyppolyte Boulenger introduced thin paste in their production. The local factory became an industrial facility of national size and competed in the world fairs.  At the end of 19th century, the firm became the exclusive supplier for the siding of the Parisian underground stations with the famous white beveled enameled tiles. In 1934 Choisy stopped its production and closed permanently.