Huile sur toile, signée, H. W. Kurlander, circa 1960

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Design 80-90
Huile sur toile, signée, H. W. Kurlander, circa 1960 H.W. Kurlander, an artist with a deep love of freedom, paints in a personal style, not submitting to prevailing movements of fashions in art. The great vareity of subject matter reflects the interests and insatiable curiousity of an enchantment with life. A background of training in drawing, color, and use of imagination, started in High School of Music and Art, and at Pratt Institute, shines forth in the works that can be seen today. Malcolm Preston, Art Critic, writing about Kurlander in Newsday, wrote, "The effect is a bright, highly textured painting with a multitude of small details, a fluid spacial quality and a strange dreamlike appearance." A touch of impressionism, surrealism, abstraction and relaism combine in these paintings to form an emotion packed experience for the viewer. The paintings of Kurlander have gained a steadily increasing recognition and enthusiasm in the connoisseur. The current exhibition is the 16th one-man show of this artist's work. One-man shows have been in the New York/Long Island area, Paris and Tokyo, and the paintings have been included in the shows across the United States, South America, Japan , Monaco, and France. (
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